RideLondon-Surrey Training Week 2


For those of you who didn’t read last week’s entry I related how I’d made two basic errors during the week:

  1. I moved a training day thus forcing me to cycle three days in a row;
  2. I ran 5 km as well as cycling on the second of those three days leaving me far too tired to complete the final weekly session on the third day.

So this week I was determined to stick to scheduled days and not to run on any of them!

On Monday I had a complete rest day. I hate rest days but after the abortive session on the preceding day I decided that I’d give my ageing legs a bit of a rest. My exercise was limited to walks with the dog. Still nearly 10 km of walking according to my Fitbit but no running or cycling.

On Tuesday I was due to do a one-hour session so I decided to cycle to Richmond Park and back. A 20 mph wind was against me for most of the way there but that made for a much easier and speedier return journey. I managed 20.58 km in just over the hour and was fairly please with that. At an average speed of 19.7 kph I worked out I would complete my 100 mile race in just over 8 hours. That’s assuming I can keep up 19.7 kph for over 8 hours of course!

Wednesday was a cycling rest day so I went for a slow 5 km run.

Thursday my schedule demanded a 90 minute session so this time I cycled to the gates of Richmond Park and added the 10 km or so of the park’s internal roads to my route. In total I managed 30.04 km in 1 hour 32 minutes this time averaging a slightly slower 19.6 kph.

Friday was another scheduled cycling rest day so like Monday I stuck to walking the dog. I still managed 8.5 km according to my Fitbit but on looking back over past records that’s the lowest total distance I’ve walked and/or jogged for many moons.

Saturday is Parkrun Day. I decided I wasn’t going to make the same mistake as last week so I volunteered to help out at the Fulham Palace event. The only role left (many runners were resting before the London Marathon and had volunteered before me) was run report writer so I cycled to Bishop’s Park up and over Wimbledon Hill and watched (my run report is the blog entry before this one). The cycle there and back more than satisfied the day’s scheduled session although ideally it should have been done all at once and not as two separate journeys.

Today (Sunday) was the acid test. After duly resting for two days of the preceding week and not running on the Saturday, could I complete a two-hour cycle? Well I managed 37.9 km in just under two hours at an average speed of 19.3 kph. There were multiple hills on the route and I am happy now, if I keep up the training schedule and remain injury free, that I will be able to get round the 100 miles in the prescribed  8.5 hours.

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First Week’s Training Over – Just 20 To Go!

IMG_0067It is just over a week since I decided that I would cycle 100 miles on 30th July this year for Prostate Cancer UK. During the week this magazine arrived and I found out, for the first time, that there’s a ballot for the non-charity places. I had no idea more people than London/Surrey could accommodate actually want to punish themselves by cycling 100 miles including going up Box Hill!

The magazine offers three 16-week training sessions – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. I will probably end up doing the Intermediate plan (13 hours cycling in the penultimate week!) but I’m glad that I don’t have to make that decision yet. I will see how the next four weeks go.

This week I have managed six outings on my bike totalling just over 61 kilometres. Only one of them (11k) was a proper training session where I pushed myself relatively hard and just about achieved an average speed of 20kph which would result in an 8 hour finish (30 minutes inside the race deadline). This, of course, assuming I could keep up that pace for 8 hours given the hills and other possible hold-ups. It was, if I needed one, a massive wake-up call regarding just how much I was going to have to train over the next 20 weeks. The last thing I want is to be worried about time when I do the race. I want to be able to stop for a comfort break, refreshments and any necessary repairs or adjustments to my bike without then thinking that I might not make the 8 hour 30 minute deadline.

I am giving serious consideration now to getting cleats fitted to my pedals and buying myself proper cycling shoes. I intend to spend this week researching how much a set of cleats and a pair of cycling shoes cost and how easy or otherwise it would be to fit the cleats myself. I think it would be wise to get all this sorted before the training begins in earnest as I would want to be struggling to lock or unlock my feet from my peddles before the seriously long rides kick in. If you’re reading this and have cleats on your own bike and better still fitted them yourself, I’d be grateful for any advice you make have.

I plan to submit something to this blog every week about how I’m getting on in training. I will also mention every week my JustGiving page where you can donate to my chosen charity!

Thank you for reading.