Political Proportionality

I confess that I don’t know what the rules for broadcasters are during a General Election but shouldn’t the coverage should be apportioned approximately according to the relevance of the political party concerned?

The Conservative and Labour parties both polled over 30% of the vote in the last election so I would expect them to get the most airtime and for it to be roughly equal. UKIP got nearly 13% of the vote and the Lib-Dems nearly 9% so no more than half that allocated to the two main parties for Mr Nutall and about a third to Mr Fallon. So how can the BBC justify a full half-hour interview by their political ‘big gun’ Andrew Neil for both those leaders?

Worse still, in my opinion, the SNP got just 4.7% of the vote in 2015 but Ms Sturgeon also got an half-hour grilling by Mr Neil and she seems to be on the television every time I turn it on!

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