The Highs and Lows of Week One


Week 1 of 16 is over and as you can see from my Endomondo screenshot I managed to cycle 88.74 Kilometres (just over 55 miles) in 4 hours 42 minutes. I did this in four sessions on Tuesday, Friday (not Thursday as planned – see learning point 1 below), Saturday and Sunday. If I had followed my schedule to the letter however I should have done around 100 Km in 5 hours.

The statistic linked to the footprint logo is the website’s estimate of the distance I’ve walked this week (nearly 90,000 steps mostly with the dog). In my opinion this should be ‘taken with a pinch of salt’ as I don’t track the walks with GPS and I think the formula is potentially highly inaccurate. There’s just the one run (a gentle jog on Saturday morning – see learning point 2 below).

“So how did it go?” (You may be asking yourself if you’ve read further than the first two paragraphs!) Overall, although I didn’t cycle for the allotted time or complete the distance I expected to do, I did learn three important lessons this week:

  1. Stick to the scheduled days – For domestic reasons I couldn’t cycle on Thursday so I cycled Thursday’s allocated hour on Friday instead. As a result of this re-scheduling I had to cycle three days in a row and consequently couldn’t complete the two-hour session I was supposed to do on Sunday. I feel I would have been better off skipping Thursday’s ride entirely and thus completing, or even exceeding, Sunday’s;
  2. Don’t run on days I’m due to cycle – As a Parkrun fan, I couldn’t resisted the temptation to run 5k on Saturday morning at Fulham Palace. This was a big mistake! Later in the day I had to do a ‘test cycle’ to see how far I could get in one hour. Despite feeling ‘up for it’ when setting off, by the time I hit the last hill (around the 50 minute mark) my 61 year old legs were beginning to ‘feel their age’. I think volunteering at Parkruns is in order until after 30th July;
  3. Richmond Park is extremely hilly – My plan for Sunday was to cycle the 10k from home to Robin Hood Gate, circumnavigate Richmond Park’s roads twice (two lots of 10k), then finish off (albeit slowly) with a final 10k home. Sadly, for the reasons outlined above, I only manged one lap of the park but I did find out how outrageously hilly it is. According to Endomondo the two hills caused me to climb a total of 73 metres;
  4. Get a ‘Gel Seat Cover’ – When you haven’t cycled for many months and suddenly you find yourself ‘in the saddle’, as it were, for nearly 5 hours in one week…..

Anyway, I’m undaunted by this week’s minor set backs. I’ve resolved to comply strictly with learning points 1 and 2, I’ll stay out of Richmond Park until I get fitter and I’ve already ordered a gel seat cover (£9.99 from Amazon).

The only other event this week was the arrival of this:


Now the thousands of you who plan to line the route and cheer me on will know how to spot me.  Alternatively you might see the socks!


Thanks for reading!

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