Not Quite the Tour de France…

So what do you do for a fresh challenge if you’re a semi-retired 61 year-old and reasonably fit for your age? After-all I’ve run the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon more than once for various causes close to my heart and cycled the 50 odd miles from London to Brighton for the British Heart Foundation. My last marathon run however was in 2006 and the Capital to coast cycle was even longer ago in 2002 so I really wasn’t looking for something too strenuous.

So what motivated me you may ask, when one of those annoying charity adverts popped up in my Facebook timeline, to click on it and immediately enter myself to cycle for the charity Prostate Cancer in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100? (Yes – the 100 stands for the number of miles!) The simple answer is that I don’t really know!

I haven’t cycled more than 4k to my local park, where I do running interval training, and back for many months. In fact my bike will almost certainly need major repairs or parts replacing in the coming months if I’m to drastically increase the weekly mileage on it. In addition to that, although I jog regularly and walk the dog pretty much every day I’m definitely not ‘cycle fit’. I am only too aware that riding a bike might use the same muscles as running and walking but not necessarily in the same way. Finally in this paragraph about mechanical and physical fitness for the task, I don’t have a gel seat cover anymore either so any cycle lasting for over an hour is highly likely to make me saddle sore (Sorry – too much detail there perhaps!)

Why for the charity Prostate Cancer UK? Last month my GP sent me for a PSA blood test. That brought it home to me that I’m at that time of life when men are particularly vulnerable to the disease. I suppose seeing the advert touched a nerve in my head and motivated me to raise money for them.

Whatever the motivation and however hard it is going to be to do it – I’m in. I found out today that all competitors have to finish in under 8 hours 30 minutes and as Box Hill is on the route that makes it a real challenge!

If you’ve been patient enough to read this far and haven’t sponsored me yet you can do so here on JustGiving.

I will be updating that page from time to time with details of training sessions and on here with my thoughts on my progress.

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