Crime Prevention Advice

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As many people know, as a direct result of technological advances, it is almost impossible to steal a modern car without the key. I have seen many warnings about not leaving your keys near the front door within reach of something pushed through the letter box but I haven’t read about the method described below.

You return to your car having left it in a public car park. As you reverse out of your space you notice a flyer  has been attached to your rear window (invariably, I assume, under the rear windscreen wiper). Leaving the keys in the ignition and in all probability the engine running, you jump out of the car to remove it. This allows the car thief to get into your driver’s seat and steal your car. In many cases this also gives the criminal your house keys and possibly your address on correspondence in the car. If you’re really unlucky your credit cards and other valuables may be taken too.

There are some obvious easy crime prevention measures you can take here:

  1. Reverse into all car parking spaces;
  2. Whether you’ve done the above or not, if you notice a piece of paper attached to your rear windscreen remove it after you’ve left the car park (preferably at home if it’s safe to leave it there for the whole journey);
  3. If you must get out in the car park to remove the offending object, take your ignition keys with you;
  4. Drive a car like mine (a VW Passat that is apparently single-handedly causing global warming thanks to an illegal engineering modification) that nobody wants to steal!

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