Twice the Price?

2015-05-28 10.45.56As a keen Internet shopper this headline caught my eye whilst waiting my turn in the barber’s today. I wasn’t surprised by the implication that Americans paid less for their downloads but I was shocked that they apparently paid just half what we did. Then I looked at the figures in the table.

There are actually only two items in that list of 16 that either approximate to twice the price we pay or come anywhere near it – the Assassin’s Creed and Super Mario games. Four of the items listed are less than 25% more expensive in this country when compared with the USA and another seven of them are less than 50% more. In fact overall the items shown only showed an average of just over 50% increase.

I am not saying that’s a satisfactory state of affairs: We shouldn’t pay any more for our downloads that the Americans pay. What I am saying is that The Sun’s headline is totally misleading. I know that numeracy had taken a nosedive in the world since the invention of calculators (How I miss my slide rule and logarithm tables!) but have our newspapers really sunk so low that they now abuse that fact?

I think it was the comedian MIlton Jones when ask by Dara O’Briain on Mock the Week “If 5p is the answer, what is the Question?” he replied “Is it how much I’d have if I got £1 for every time I failed a maths exam?”

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