What price for a life?

You may remember that I blogged back in November last year about a jogger who was run over locally and killed by a van driver. Well that the driver appeared in court on Friday (22nd May) and this is the Surrey Police report about it. If I remember correctly, press reports at the time said that the 39-year-old victim had two children and, as I reported at the time, those children did not expect never to see their mother again when she left for her jog that morning.

I have no idea what the sentencing guidelines are for Death by Dangerous Driving: Maybe the judge’s hand were tied by this. I’m sure the driver got a discount for pleading guilty but 4 years for taking an innocent person’s life, turning a husband into a widower and depriving two children of their mother? Really?

Isn’t it about time that sentences for offences of this nature were brought into line with similar offences against the person? Murder (not that I’m suggesting this was murder) carries a mandatory life sentence. I’m fairly certain this man will be out in time for Christmas 2016 or if very soon after that.

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