The 86th Fulham Palace Parkrun – 23rd May 2015

2015-05-23 08.00.23

The sun shone on the 260 of us who turned out for the 86th Fulham Park Parkrun this week. As usual at the briefing, we applauded those who were participating in our 5k event of for the first time: I didn’t have time to count the hands that went up but I know now that there were 37 of them. We also heard that we had a ‘Parkrun Tourist’ who had come all the way from New South Wales.

2015-05-23 08.05.40

Some ran, some jogged and some walked from the briefing to the to the start. I faced my usual conundrum whilst waiting for the off: Do I start at the back and spend the first kilometre overtaking those slower than me or weave my way closer to the front and get demoralised being overtaken myself by those faster than me? In any event that question didn’t matter because whilst making my way passed a man with a barking dog the run started.

I really only have one aim in Fulham Palace Parkruns and that’s not to be lapped by the front runners as I complete my second lap. Thankfully I managed that this week as Richard Taylor (from Serpentine RC and running at Fulham for the 17th time) didn’t quite catch me although he finished in 16:46. Congratulations Richard.

2015-05-23 08.22.52

First female runner (17th overall) was Stephanie Tollemache (Fulham RC on her 19th appearance) finishing in 18:49. Congratulations Stephanie.

The rest of us finished over the next 17 minutes or so recording 54 personal bests. Full results can be found here.

2015-05-23 08.21.26

Alex Davidson earns a special mention as he broke the Age Grade course record scoring 88.49% by finishing 5th in 17:05. Well done Alex. Those of us who usually score in the 50%-70% have no idea how you do that!

For those interested in more statistics, the Fulham Palace Parkrun was first run on 19th October 2013. Since then it has recorded 3,590 different runners from 286 athletics clubs. The course record is held by Chris Olley who ran it in 15:27 on 25th October 2014.

Thank you to the volunteers who make Fulham Palace Parkrun such a friendly run and thank you to my son for the photographs.

2015-05-23 09.16.12

Coffee afterwards in the Palace

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