The Best of Venice

For the technically minded, all these shots were taken on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 on its ‘Intelligent Auto +’ setting. As a person who previously carried around a full size digital SLR, I’m impressed with the results from such a small camera.
P1000025 P1000032 P1000041 P1000042 P1000050 P1000053 P1000054 P1000057 P1000067 P1000070 P1000071 P1000076 P1000106 P1000130 P1000141 P1000166 P1000167 P1000185 P1000187 P1000188 P1000194 P1000234 P1000235 P1000243 P1000246 P1000247 P1000256 P1000257 P1000281 P1000291 P1000348

One thought on “The Best of Venice

  1. Very scenic, even if you did leave the camera on auto, I suspect it’s difficult to take a bad photo of Venice!

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