A Peaceful Sunday Lunch

It is immaterial whether you agree with Nigel Farage’s politics or not, in my view he and his family are entitled to have their Sunday lunch in public and in peace. It is everyone’s basic right, in this country anyway, to demonstrate against the things they disagree with but there’s a time and a place for that and, in my opinion, yesterday lunchtime wasn’t one of them.

I know many will argue that Mr Farage has willingly brought himself to public attention by courting publicity and leading a political party and I agree with that. However the time to demonstrate against any politician’s views, however extreme, is when they are speaking in public, openly electioneering somewhere or knocking on people’s doors not when they are in a pub with their family or friends. It doesn’t matter how extreme their father’s politics might be, Mr Farage’s children don’t deserve to be scared by demonstrators jumping on the bonnet of their Dad’s car.

Ironically the only way to prevent what happened to the UKIP leader and his family yesterday is to give him the type of close protection afforded to the Prime Minister, the current Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. One assumes this is the last thing those that planned yesterday’s ambush would want as it would elevate Mr Farage’s profile and pervceived political importance.

One thought on “A Peaceful Sunday Lunch

  1. Bringing yourself to public attention is the nature of politics. You wouldn’t do well without it. This and much of the behaviour towards UKIP is an attack on our democracy and freedom of speech. Probably the same people that claimed ‘Je Suis Charlie’ when it was liberal free speech that was attacked.

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