Killjoy or Sensible Precaution?

This is an extract from my son’s Headteacher’s Newsletter of today:

Solar Eclipse

As you are no doubt aware this part of the world will have a solar eclipse on Friday 20th March. In the London area the expectation is that 85% of the sun will be covered by 09.31. The eclipse will be over by 10.41 which is just prior to the children going out to play. Children will be taught about the eclipse and the increasing darkness pointed out, but we will not be taking the children outside to view the eclipse.

This is a rare astronomical event that I would really like my son to witness. Is his headteacher being sensibly cautious or is it just too much trouble and too disruptive to the lessons for the school to arrange some way of the children seeing the partial eclipse?

2 thoughts on “Killjoy or Sensible Precaution?

    • I agree it probably is the fear of a parent complaining Paul. I think it’s a shame. I believe the next eclipse of this magnitude in the UK isn’t until 2090 so it is, literally, a once in a lifetime chance for most children to see one.

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