The ‘Dumbing Down’ of Britain

The other day, on the way to the gym, I ventured into an Asda supermarket to purchased a well-known energy drink (it was before 6am and I frequently find myself in need of a wake me up at that time of the morning). Thinking that I might save myself a few pennies by ‘buying in bulk’ I looked at the largest pack they sell (a case of 12). These were priced at £11.69 so a little over 97p a can I worked out in my head.

I had just tucked the aforementioned pack under my arm when I noticed they were selling six packs for just £4 or roughly 67p a can. Needless to say I replaced the 12 and paid just £8 for the same number of cans in two bundles.

As I continued on my journey, I began to wonder: Can the British public really be that mathematically inept that they can’t work out that 12 for £11.69 is a poorer deal that £4 for 6? I came to the conclusion that the manager of the Asda in question (it was the Burgh Heath branch if you’re a caffeine junky in search of a bargain yourself) had merely made a mistake and was treating his/her customers as idiots.

Then today I saw this posted on Twitter:


Now I can only think of three reasons why the owner or manager of this shop had this sign printed:

1. He/she doesn’t believe his/her customers know how to divide by two;

2. He/she thinks that his/her customers don’t know what 1/2 price actually means;

3. His/her staff don’t know either of the above and need a ‘crib sheet’ handy to work out how much to ring up on the till.

So I’ve changed my mind. I think the Asda manager was treating his/her customers as idiots as is the manager who had that sign printed (Does anyone recognise the font?) I have real concerns for future generations if they don’t have enough basic numeracy skills to know if they are being deceived.

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