2 thoughts on “Dr Matt Taylor’s Shirt

  1. Hear, hear! His last paragraph sums it up
    “There must be room in our world for eccentricity, even if it offends the prudes, and room for the vague other-worldliness that often goes with genius. Dr Taylor deserves the applause of our country, and those who bash him should hang their own heads and apologise.”
    I did feel sorry for the guy when he broke down, what should have been a proud moment for him was spoilt by giving an unnecessary apology.

    • Lol. Interesting post. This is crazy political correctness, but it also shows the breadth of the Internet and that many people out there are a bit mad and empowered by its relative anonymity. It’s an incredible achievement but I can’t help feeling that someone who has achieved such great things should rise above these petty insults. Also I’m guessing that a rocket scientist workplace isn’t like my workplace. Presumably they don’t have banter, or if they do, such banter is on a different plane. If one of my work mates wore this shirt they would be absolutely slaughtered to the extent that they would never wear it again, thereby avoiding this controversy. It may not be sexist but it is horrific.

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