Running Update

When I came back from our holiday at the beginning of September I decided I needed to do more running possibly with the ultimate aim of doing the 2015 London Marathon.

These are my weekly mileages leading up to and including that holiday:


About 14.5 km a week.

I have been following a training plan designed by It hasn’t been easy. It has often involved getting up even earlier than I was already in the habit of doing or dragging myself out early evening before dinner (something I hate!) I’ve done numerous interval sessions, tempo runs and steady jogs. However I’ve increased my mileage just by following a well-designed schedule.

These are the resultant totals for the last nine weeks:


About 45.5 km a week (more than 200% increase).

I didn’t get a balloted place for next year’s London Marathon and I am most reluctant to take a charity place. The good news though is that I’m up to a weekly mileage that will put me in good stead for the 2016 race or perhaps even the 26.2 mile challenge in another country.

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