Perilous Poppies

My son is ten and, very importantly when you’re his age, three-quarters: He is quite tall for his age so I’d go so far as to say that he looks a little older than that. I have just had a front door key cut for him and very soon we will be allowing him to walk the mile or so home from primary school on his own. He is allowed to use kitchen knives at home (within reason) and last week he took my sharp pen knife to scouts in order to carve out a pumpkin for Hallowe’en.

Why mention all that? This afternoon I sent him to buy himself a British Legion Poppy from a seller outside our local Waitrose. He got the poppy but couldn’t attach it to his jacket because, as he was not under parental supervision, he wasn’t allowed a pin! “Heath and Safety” the lady said apparently. I’d love to meet the person who told her that and discuss the matter with them! It’s bad enough when national newspapers blame health and safety for our risk-averse society but when little old ladies are at it too we are in trouble.

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