Will there be an enquiry into this?

The headline local news in London and the South East today is about Sabul Miah who has apparently absconded from Standford Hill Prison on the Isle of Sheppey. Apparently he was on day release from this prison, presumably in preparation for his pending release, and he failed to return.

Miah was convicted in 2003 of, amongst other crimes, robbing and wounding a 79-year-old man who he stabbed in the chest before slitting his throat. For these offences he was given two life sentences. According to the BBC website report at the time, the judge told Miah he presented a “grave danger” to the public, particularly pensioners, and there was no way of telling when that danger would pass. The judge went on to say ” The courts will do everything to protect people against such terrible crime.”

When Baby P was murdered there was an enquiry into the failings of the Social Services that had responsibility for him. Rightly or wrongly, two people lost their jobs. Will there be an enquiry into this incident? I doubt it. How is it that a man who was, one assumes, convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to not one but two life sentences even be considered for day release just 11 years after he was convicted?

I fear the only way there will be any form of enquiry is if Miah commits like crimes before he is recaptured.

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