Has Everyone Gone Barking Mad?

Last night a fire broke out at a dogs’ home in Manchester. Sadly 60 dogs died as a result. At 5pm this evening a Just Giving Account set up by a local newspaper had raised over £860,000 for the kennel and it’s 150 canine survivors.

Last week it was revealed that over 1,400 children had been abused over a number of years in Rotherham. Did anybody give any money to the human victims of that tragedy?

What a very sad world we live in when we value the suffering of dogs over and above the abuse of children. Perhaps a whole new wave of people tipping ice over their heads in aid of homeless dogs and posting the video on social media will break out.

3 thoughts on “Has Everyone Gone Barking Mad?

  1. On TV today, I saw that most of those involved in that challenge didn’t make a donation. I guess if you do it you don’t have to pay or something. I only just found out it was for Motor Neurone Disease.

  2. I think it says a lot about the power of the internet. Someone at the Manchester Evening News latched onto it and pushed it in the right way and it went viral. No doubt it will boost her career.

  3. Update: The media are reporting this morning that over a £1 million has been raised!

    There has to be a moral here somewhere Paul. Next time a family are unfortunate enough to lose their home through a fire perhaps they should play down their personal hardship and stress to the press that their dog has nowhere to live!

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