Just not cricket?


So the Indian cricket team have made an allegation against Jimmy Anderson (a player who was undoubtedly their bête noire in the first test) five days after it happened. Apparently it wasn’t serious enough at the time to report it but Anderson hadn’t played his part in a 163 run last wicket stand then had he?

The hearing may well take place tomorrow (the day before the second test begins), If he is found guilty he could face a ban of up to four tests and under ICC rules, any ban handed down would not be suspended pending the outcome of an appeal.

Anyone in their right mind is entitled to think this act by the Indian team is suspicious. Jonathan Agnew the BBC’s Cricket Correspondent has dared to suggest that on Twitter and has been immediately abused for it. What is it that motivates people to abuse those that dare to express just a view on something?

2 thoughts on “Just not cricket?

  1. Seems a little bit odd. They are both a bit firey so put it down to competitiveness and move on. Let them sort it out with bat and ball. The public pays good money to see the best players.

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