Running the London Marathon 2015

At the time of writing this (29th June 2014) the 2015 London Marathon is 301 days away. Now I know that might seem like a long time to some but when the furthest you’ve run recently is a mere 7 miles very slowly, 300 days isn’t long to work your way up to running 26.2 in a respectable time (i.e. before it gets dark on the day!)

Why am I even considering running another marathon, you may ask, when by the time 26th April 2015 comes around I’ll be 58 years-old? The answer is fairly simple – someone has talked me into it. This ‘someone’ is an old school friend (I can use the term ‘old’ as he is 3 weeks older than me). We only reignited our friendship relatively recently at an unofficial school reunion drink and immediately found we had the love of running in common. This came as a shock to me as my school days’ recollection of this man is that he hid behind a tree rather than take part in cross-country runs and rejoined the rest of us as we past his hiding place on the way back down the school drive!

We now run together regularly (On consideration that should read “We now run in the same races” as he is considerably faster than me) and we enjoy a cup of coffee or two after our races whilst searching our ageing memories for amusing anecdotes about life at school together. Strangely he remembers many more of the downsides to our life at an old-fashioned Grammar school than I do. Perhaps that says more about our personalities than it does about what actually happened to us there. I digress.

So, having been talked into running another marathon by such a persuasive fellow I embarked on my build up to it today. I have no aspirations to break any records (I’ve not broken 4 hours in previous attempts) but I would like to keep running all the way round this time and beating the man that has hoodwinked me into this challenge is a must. I plan to follow the excellent Runners’ World 16 week schedule that I’ve used before and that kicks in the first week of the New Year. Until then I will increase my weekly mileage to about 20 miles a week (it’s barely in double figures at the moment) and try and get my time for 7 miles (once round Richmond Park for the uninitiated) down to something a lot closer to an hour than it was this morning.

I’m going to continue blogging about how I get on in case anyone is interested or even wants to give me some tips! Before Christmas I shall be running at least one half marathon but won’t be booking a place in a race that long until I’ve upped my mileage considerably. I’ve never managed to complete the training schedule without incurring an injury either so I’m likely to be moaning at least once about aches and pains too.

I must be mad!

PS I missed the Internet ballot for places so I will have to run for a charity.

7 thoughts on “Running the London Marathon 2015

  1. I hate the thought of running for a charity Paul. I understand that they have to make the money back they pay to Virgin for the place but some ask for a minimum of £2k to be raised!

  2. Well Tony, I must finally admit to being the old school (and now running!) chum you allude to here, and thanks for the reminder that I frequently skived off cross country at school, funny that I now can’t resist running at any opportunity even if I am a month older that you! Oh, by the way I see a bit of self delusion in your Blog in that you claim to be 58 for the 2015 London marathon……..ahem, methinks you (and I !!) will actually be 59 by then?! And as for your challenge to beat me; not a chance! See you at the Parkrun this Saturday (or rather you’ll see the back of my shirt!! Cheers matey (and THANKS!!), Phil

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