Fair Pay for a Day’s Work?

Since April 2013 the starting salary for a police constable with no previous experience has been £19,000. If the recruit has a new certified policing qualification, or previous experience as a special constable or PCSO, he or she starts on £21,000.

Joining the police, wherever you choose to serve, involves danger. In some areas every day that you go out on patrol you face the possibility of being abused, assaulted, stabbed or even shot. Thankfully here in the UK we have one of the lowest rates of police murders in the world but regardless of that, police officers in this country are killed on duty.

I think these starting salaries are a disgrace.

You won’t be surprised then that I found this advert in Southwark Diocese’s newspaper interesting:



I have absolutely no doubt that the salary being offered for this job is a fair one. I’m sure being a personal assistant to two busy archdeacons is “…challenging, varied and proactive”. I also don’t need convincing that the applicant needs to be “…highly organised, flexible, able to manage projects on your own initiative and work under pressure…without compromising accuracy and attention to detail”. In other words, I feel this starting salary is ‘fair pay for a day’s work’. However this person will, in general anyway, not be dealing with victims of crime or arresting dangerous criminals.

I have read enough recently on social media about how resentful serving police officers are of the current government. Is it any wonder that they feel under-valued when they see that other people are being paid what they’re worth? New police officers are not even starting in line with the National Average Wage of £26,500. Respect to the Church of England for at least offering a salary banding that encompasses it.


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