Could they look any less respectful?


For the uninitiated this is the current Manchester United football team. They are pictured here paying tribute to the people who died in an air crash in 1958 when British European Airways flight 609 crashed on its third attempt to take off from a slush-covered runway at Munich Airport. On the plane was the entire Manchester United football team of the day, nicknamed the “Busby Babes”, along with supporters and journalists. 20 of the 44 passengers on the aircraft died instantly. Those that survived the crash were taken to hospital in Munich where three more died later of their injuries. Eight of those who died where Manchester players, three were club staff.

Now I accept that none of today’s players were alive in 1958. In fact it’s possible that most of their parents weren’t around either but it was a huge tragedy for the club and no doubt still haunts the memories of those that survived (one of them being Sir Bobby Charlton). Maybe I’m just getting old (actually there’s no ‘maybe’ about that!) but could any of these players look any less respectful if they tried? I’m not very good at naming them but at least five have their hands in their pockets and one has his tie loosened with his headphones still wrapped around his neck!

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