Technical Help Required!


I am posting this in the hope that someone somewhere has the technical knowledge to help me (or more correctly my 10 year-old son!)

My son owns an Asus Nexus 7 currently running Android Version 4.2.2. It isn’t his one and only form of electronic entertainment but it certainly plays an important part in entertaining him when he is away from home. For those who don’t know, Minecraft parties seem to be very popular amongst his peers at the moment!

Up until he downloaded the Version 4.2.2 upgrade his tablet was running extremely well. In fact, until then I would have recommended a Nexus 7 to anyone. However since that fatal day we might as well use it as a door stop as it has developed a totally debilitating screen malfunction.

Judging by the various threads on Android and Nexus forums the latest upgrade of the Android software is conflicting with the screen that Asus used in the Nexus 7. (I have read all the rest of the comments but most of them are meaningless techno-speak to me!) Apparently Google, who for uninitiated write the Android OS, have been asked to fix the bug and they say it’s the fault of Asus for fitting a screen that’s incompatible with their software. Likewise Asus have been asked to fix the problem and they have blamed Google for writing software that conflicts with their hardware. Deadlock!

There are horror stories amongst the posts of Nexus owners who are lucky enough to have one still under guarantee. One has returned six tablets only to find that each one has eventually developed the fault presumably through automated OS updates. Another has posted  “Google you seriously took something I loved and have turned it into something I hate“.

None of this helps my 10 year-old son who now has a tablet that doesn’t work! Does anyone out there have a ‘not too technical fix’ for this problem? I fear if I return my son’s Nexus to Asus they will simply send it back and refer me to Google. Alternatively does anyone know how to put Google under pressure to fix this?

Any suggestion would be gratefully received.

PS For the benefit of the Grammar Police (I admit to being a member myself) I realise the plural of forum is fora but it just didn’t read well!

5 thoughts on “Technical Help Required!

  1. The screen exhibits what I can only describe as ‘ghost touches’ Jonathan. Whilst playing in one program it returns to the home screen and runs another game all of its own accord! Bizarrely the problem reduces considerably when the tablet is plugged in to charge or linked to a pc but it doesn’t go away completely. I searched “Nexus 7 Screen Malfunction” on Google and hit hundreds of posts about it.

  2. How weird. I have the 2013 model and it’s great. It has 4.4.2 installed. Only one problem with sluggishness last year, fixed by clearing it’s cache. A bit of a process.
    Not seen this problem on mine. Have you tried these basic fixes?

    The guy should really be careful about static damaging the internals though (by earthing fingers before touching any components).

    Other than that, have you tried full factory reset (after backing up your data and games to Google or PC)?

    What about downgrading the update?

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