Uniformity at HMIC

Someone else’s views on the Tom Winsor in uniform debate.

The Custody Record

Yesterday, Sunday 29th September 2013, members of the police service from around the country gathered at Cardiff with family, friends and colleagues of fallen police officers for National Police Memorial Day (NPMD).

As a national and highly regarded event it attracts the senior officers from many forces along with with other dignitaries such as the Home Secretary Theresa May. Also in attendance in his role as Chief Inspector of HMIC was Mr Tom Winsor.

Mr Winsor is not popular with many police officers. He is the architect of reforms to policing that many officers feel are undermining the police service in England and Wales and destroying the office of constable. Mr Winsor is also the first Ch Insp of HMIC that has not come from a police background.

In advance of the day the HMIC leaked confirmation that Mr Winsor would be wearing a ceremonial uniform at NPMD. It was…

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One thought on “Uniformity at HMIC

  1. It is an insult to all serving and retired Police officers that this pen pushing imposter should wear the uniform of a Police officer. I believe it is a criminal offence to impersonate one . Has he taken the oath ?

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