Tom Winsor does it again!

ImageOnce again Mr Tom Winsor (not ‘Sir’ as cited below in the petition) has enraged both serving and retired police officers by wearing a ‘police uniform’ this time to the Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the Cenotaph. For those who don’t know, Tom Winsor is not, and has never been, a police officer.  He is a lawyer and economic regulatory professional who was the Rail Regulator and International Rail Regulator for Great Britain from 5 July 1999 until 4 July 2004. He is, or was, a partner in international law firm White & Case LLP. On 1 October 2010, he was appointed by UK Home Secretary Theresa May MP to carry out a wide-ranging review of the remuneration and conditions of service of police officers and staff in England & Wales, the first for over 30 years. In October 2012 he was appointed as Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary. He is the first holder of that role to come from a non-policing background.

When he wore the uniform in September of this year to the National Police Memorial Day Service in Cardiff a petition was raised on the 10 Downing Street website saying:

“Sir Tom Windsor (sic) should NOT wear any ceremonial Police uniform”

Over 10,000 people have signed it so the relevant government department was required to send a response and this is it:

“The post of HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary (HMCIC) is a Crown appointment made on the recommendation of the Home Secretary and with the approval of the Prime Minister. There is a ceremonial uniform that is associated with the appointment. This is not a police uniform. It is for the HMCIC to decide the public engagements at which he wears the uniform.”

If more than 100,000 people sign it then it will be debated by a Backbench Committee. I’m not personally convinced that will do much good but if like me you believe he really shouldn’t be wearing a police uniform (ceremonial or otherwise) please sign the petition at and if enough of us sign it we will find out what effect a debate by a Backbench Committee has.



25 thoughts on “Tom Winsor does it again!

  1. He’s a civilian end of……..If the powers to be want to give him a uniform, then why not a non descript one………I’m sure McDonald’s have a suitable one.

  2. This man is despised by rank and file Officers for his destruction of pay and conditions for what is an extremely difficult and demanding job- yes some change was needed but he has destroyed morale and motivation across the country. Wearing a Police uniform adds insult to injury.

  3. He wears badges of police rank? Many people have worked extremely hard to get those – people who deserve the honour of wearing them!!! I would rather see Sir Bernard Hogan Howe represent the police at such public appearances? Discuss?

  4. I agree Grahame. Perhaps we should stop complaining about him wearing a uniform and just object to him representing past and present police officers on ceremonial duties (or at all!)

  5. So you’re the bloke who started this petition – I would like to say ‘Well Done’ – you finally got his name spelt correctly – but you still call him Sir Tom Winsor – he’s NOT A SIR. He does not have the title ‘Sir’ and is not knighted. Why on earth do you still insist in everything you publish in calling this maggot ‘Sir Tom Winsor’….??? Get it right please – you are losing support because of your simple and basic errors old son.

  6. Sadly PC 2408 I am not ‘the bloke who started this petition’ it was started by someone called Frank Gaffney. He named Mr Winsor as a knight when he registered it. I have corrected my error in my blog (I hope that is showing already) but left the original error in the petition as it is a direct lift from the government website.

    • I stand corrected Sir – it’s a shame that it will have cost petitioners the chance to have their say – an easy error for the enemy to exploit.

  7. Most ‘Clowns’ get a kick out of dressing up. Usually such scenes make you laugh. This time. This is an out and out insult. Doesn’t make me laugh. Here goes. Two fingers down my throat, to get rid of the bad taste.

    • Ceremonial Uniforms were introduced so those who wear a uniform in their daily postings would look suitably “smart” at military functions. Those who are not enlisted in the Armed Forces or the Police ( or other uniformed public service bodies) are not entitled to wear a uniform and therefore are not entitled to wear ceremonial dress, which is part of issued uniform. So in fact Mr. Windsor is not entitled to wear the uniform as he is not a Police Officer, he is showing his ignorance by doing so. I would suggest a nice smart suit for him in the future.

  8. I wrote to my MP after his last bout of Walter Mittying. I got the usual bullshit back. Lets face it, poncing about in a uniform he has done absolutely nothing to earn is this pricks way of sticking two fingers up at the Police. However the Police are their own worst enemies. They had the chance to vote for the chance to get industrial rights and representation and blew it by being their usual disunified and apathetic selves. The Government and ACPO knew this which is why they weren’t worried. If the Police are banking on public support in this then forget it, never going to happen. I am fortunate, I retired last month and I was only too glad to turn my back on the whole sorry mess. The future for the Police in the UK is a bloody grim one.

  9. The HMIC state that it is not a Police uniform but a ceremonial one. However when a member of the public wears a uniform that wholly or greatly replicates a uniform they run the risk of impersonating a Police officer. Aside from the obvious lack of respect and diplomacy involved in Mr Winsor wearing the uniform. I quote from wickepdedia impersonating a Police Officer…………
    Fake uniform: The imposter wears a uniform that looks very much like that of a police officer.
    Discuss……….Mr Winsor.

      • I fear you are right. But to further highlight my point the Collins Dictionary definition of uniform is …….. A particular set of clothes that has to be worn by members of the sane organisation or group of people.
        Surely if Mr Winsor wears his own individual clothing surely it cannot be defined as uniform??

  10. It is an offence for any person who is NOT a sworn constable to wear any uniform that would or could be mistaken for a police uniform by any member of the public. The offence also applies if the uniform so closely resembles a police uniform that it could be mistaken for one, or is designed to give the impress of being one.

    • You might have thought that HMIC, and IPCC, would have wanted to put some ‘clear blue water’ between them and the police to demontrate some independence in view of recent thinking about police ‘investigating each other’.

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