5 thoughts on “Can this be true?

  1. Tony,

    Surely this cannot be true. Having said that I flew back from Ireland yesterday and I nearly had to leave the plane before it took off because there was a fecking bird sitting where the pilot should have been!!

    Grant Powell

  2. The Church of England is in a big enough mess over women as bishops Paul without the Catholic church doing anything at all. I’m sure it isn’t their intention but it will, in my opinion, reflect badly on the lack of unity and indecisiveness within the Anglican church.

  3. Can you explain part of the article “No woman has sat in the Holy See’s papal conclave since cardinals were given the job of electing the pope in the 12th century.” Does this mean women were in the conclave before his happened?
    I’m also still reeling about Sean William Scott being given the honour, not sure which is more startling!

  4. I’m no expert on the history of the Catholic Church Niki but I suspect prior to the 12th century it was more to do with money and power than it was to do with the votes of a conclave! I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

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