5 thoughts on “Fracking: Industry made Sussex, and I hope it will again

  1. Regardless of whether you think fracking is a good thingor not, and I am undecided, I’m not sure that it is healthy for a relatively small group of activists to be allowed to influence the agenda, to the extent that they seem to have done here.

  2. Well based on the excellent writing in this article, I’d let them frack in my back garden! What points don’t don’t you agree with Tony? I think he makes some very interesting points about previous industry in the area, how people accept the blots on the landscape that are pylons, how the church has spoken up and how no data has been produced to back up the theory of contaminated water as all the scare mongers keep quoting.

  3. I think one of the points he misses is the historical one Niki. If coal-mining had remained undiscovered until today and proposed, I’m sure there would be a ground-swell against it using some of the same or similar arguments being used against fracking. Just because there is a history of something – that doesn’t necessarily make it right.

    I also agree with Jerry that any project with a potential to threaten water supplies must be examined with a greater degree of scrutiny than those that don’t.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Paul that a relatively small group of activists should not be allowed to influence such an agenda but to find a balance view on this issue without political or financial influence is very hard.

    • We were discussing this at work and I had to laugh that many of those protesting fracking would have been against the coal mines closing back in the day. I know you have to consider the wider community issues but burning coal is very bad for the enviroment. Probably against nuclear power as well. Even seemingly green energy like the proposed Severn barrage would have have environmental consequences. You have to come up with something that will provide the UK with a reliable energy mix that doesn’t mean going backwards econmically, put us at the mercy of foreign powers, doesn’t damage the environment too much, and isn’t just wind farms which can’t, at the moment, provide enough energy. It can’t all be nimbyism because some people have travelled far and wide to protest. I wonder if HS2 will see protests? That is going to cost a lot and cause environmental damage but is justified because it will benefit the north and spread economic growth more. Surely there are better ways to do this?

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