4 thoughts on “Schrödinger’s Cat explained

  1. So Schrödinger applied commons sense to the Copenhagen interpretation?
    And then there’s the ‘many worlds interpretation’?
    To quote guest at Fawlty Towers “there’s enough there for a whole conference!”
    PS love the Google doodle.

  2. Wasn’t the film ‘Sliding Doors’ based on the Copenhagen interpretation or was that a film about Schrödinger’s Cat? What on earth was ‘Quantum Leap’ all about?

  3. I liked the film Sliding Doors, interesting concept, I have wondered at various times about the crossroads we come to in life and why we take one path & not another, and if we could go back and take that other path, how different would our lives be?
    In the ‘Copenhagen interpretation’ of quantum mechanics, (which states that a particle exists in all states at once until observed) I presume they are talking about liquid, gas etc, what about physical, mental, Metaphysical etc? Or is that a whole different topic?
    I also loved Quantum Leap (not Autumn Heap as auto correct wants to call it) on one level it was about a futuristic scientist righting other people’s wrongs whilst trying to get back to his own time stream after getting lost in a worm hole, (also sounds like Farscape plot) on another level is was an excuse to put Scott Bakula in tight jeans all through the 80’s!

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