A Sign of the Times?

For reasons that are far too complex to go into, I had a conversation this evening with my 9 year-old son about halos. He wanted to know what they were and where they originated from. My immediate reaction was that they were probably an invention of medieval religious iconographers.

I now know that halos have been around a lot longer than I thought. They don’t just feature in Christianity (the only religion that I have studied in any great detail) but are common in most religions and even in some forms of hero worship. They have been found in works of art dating back as far as 450BC.

So I find it amazing that when you search that font of all knowledge Wikipedia for something that has feature in human history for nearly 2,500 years the entry you hit defines halo as:

“…a multi-billion dollar science fiction video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed by 343 Industries and owned by Microsoft Studios.”

John 11 Verse 35.

3 thoughts on “A Sign of the Times?

  1. Tony. If you click on disambiguation Wikipedia has several dozen pages on ‘halo’. The top one is ‘Halo – religious inconography’.

      • If you google Halo and Wikipedia it is (temporarily) first on the list becasue of the way google works but on the list of disambiguatons halo (religous iconography) is at the top.

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