Surely not the motive…

When I posted earlier this week about the Boston Marathon bombings I had a theory about a possible motive that I didn’t mention. The very thought of it appalled me so much and I didn’t really seriously consider it. However as I read the live feed on the events happening now (8am-9am BST) in and around Boston I am beginning to think it might be a possibility.

The 26th mile of the Boston Marathon was dedicated to the 26 who lost their lives in the terrible shootings in Connecticut back in December 2012. As you’ll no doubt know, that incident has prompted America to once again review its gun laws. As a direct reaction to that review, many gun fanatics have protested that US politicians should be staging such a review. As I watched the carnage that resulted from Monday’s bombs in the 26th mile and knowing it had been dedicated to those deaths the thought just crossed my mind that the bombings might be related.

I have just read that police have engaged in a gun battle with “an heavily armed suspect” who has shot and killed a police officer and I am starting to wonder if that fleeting idea I had on Monday might be the truth.

I really, really hope I’m wrong.

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